Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Reading the Date Code on a System Sensor CO1224T Carbon Monoxide Detector

The System Sensor CO1224T is a state of the art carbon monoxide detector designed for use in residential and commercial facilities.  The CO1224T uses an advanced electro-chemical sensor to monitor low levels of carbon monoxide in the air, ensuring both your home and office are always kept safe.

Reading the Date Code

The Date code on the System Sensor CO1224T is a 4-digit number that represents the date the detector was manufactured.  This code can be found printed on the back of the CO1224T...

And on the side of the detector's box.

When reading the date code, the first digit represents the year.  (A "3" means 2013, a "4" means 2014, etc.)  The 2nd and 3rd digits indicate the month.  ("02" for February, "12" for December.)  The 4th and last digit indicates the week.  ("2" for the 2nd week.) So for example, a date code of"3123" means that specific detector was manufactured on the 3rd week in December 2013.

The CO1224T has a life expectancy of six years from its date of manufacture.  When the sensor reaches the end of its service life, the trouble contact on the detector will automatically open, notifying users that the device needs to be replaced.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Introducing the Latest from Honeywell Ademco!

We are excited to introduce the newest keypad design from Honeywell Ademco Security.  The new 6162 alpha-numeric keypad which replaces the 6160 model, is now physically smaller and has a modern, attractive design aesthetic.  The great news is that while the keypad as a whole is more compact, it now features a larger and sharper 8-line display.  So in addition to displaying system status information in plain English, the new keypads can now display graphics and more text than before offering clear and concise information at all times.  The greatest advantage of this new display however is the addition of VIP, VISTA Intelligent Programming.  Gone are the days of holding the manual in one hand and scratching your head with the other while you try to figure out what step of the programming menu you are in and which options can be entered into that field.  VIP now offers fuzz-free, menu-based programming for the most common features which help reduce programming time and labor costs.
All of the features which we know and love from the current 6160 keypads are still here, such a single-button arming, the four programmable function keys, voice annunciation (6162V model) and the built-in 5800-series wireless transceiver (6162RF).  Honeywell has also introduced a 6162ZN model, which features an integrated hardwired zone.  Perfect for installing a few detectors in a hard to reach area, as only the keypad’s wiring needs to run back all the way to the panel.  The 6162 is compatible with all VISTA control panels.  It is a great upgrade for an existing system, and a definite must-have for all new VISTA system installations.

Little Elm Burglar Targets Homes with Unlocked Doors

In the town of Little Elm, Texas, a string of burglaries took place over the course of a week that left residents shaken and their wallets feeling just a little bit lighter.  Police discovered that the suspect -- described as a tall, Caucasian man in his 20's -- targeted homes with unlocked doors, and simply waltzed right in while residents slept.  One victim, Bill Abercrombie, didn't even realize his home had been burglarized until he found his wife's purse outside, credit cards and I.D. untouched, but $500 in cash missing. 

This goes to show that no matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, it's never out of a criminal's reach. Be safe and make sure your doors are always locked.  Even better, install a reliable security system in your house to protect your family and your property.

"I'm upset that we don't have a camera currently - and that's changing this week," says Abercrombie.  "I'll have cameras inside and outside, so next time, if somebody does this - I'll have footage."

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Draw Your Blinds

Burglars like window shopping just as much as the next guy. The only difference is they're not planning on paying for the stuff they take.  Drawing the curtains, blinds, or drapes on the first floor windows will make it harder for burglars to "window shop" your house.  Keep big ticket items, like computers, phones, and televisions, out of view to dissuade burglars from targeting your home.

Monday, December 16, 2013

UltraTech UT1240 and UT1270 Backup Alarm Batteries

When it comes to backing up a burglar/fire alarm system, or providing power to closed circuit televisions, emergency lighting systems, and OEM electrical equipment, you need reliable alarm batteries from a name you can trust...and UltraTech is it.

UT 1240
The UltraTech UT1270 (12V, 7Ah) and the UT 1240 (12V, 4.5Ah) sealed lead-acid backup batteries combine leak-proof, maintenance free convenience with the durable performance of sealed lead-acid construction.  Completely rechargeable, these batteries last 3-5 years, or over 1,000 charge/discharge cycles, and are always kept at full capacity when float-charged by a security panel.

During a power outage, UltraTech batteries continue to power your security system for hours, keeping your home and office protected.  Backed by a 2 year warranty, the UT1270 and UT1240 are not only built to last, they're guaranteed to last.
UT 1270

So is it really that hard to see why UltraTech batteries are so popular among installers and security professionals?

And although your security system will run off AC power 99% of the time, you still need a backup plan. And as far as backup plans go, UltraTech batteries are just about the best you'll find.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

60% of Burglaries Come From Forced Entry

Most people assume that burglars are opportunists.  They come to your house and, if the doors are locked, they simply move on to the next house on the block.  But we all know what happens when you assume -- your home gets burglarized.

Alright, perhaps that's not how the adage goes, but it might as well, because this IS NOT the case.  In reality, two-thirds of burglars force their way into a house by smashing windows, kicking doors open, or picking locks.  That's why home security systems are so vital to property safety. With a great security system in place, as soon as a burglar decides to break in, alarms are triggered and signals are sent to a central monitoring operator, who then contacts police.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Burglar Breaks into Garage and Steals Family Dog

The stereotypical home burglar is seen as a cold, calculating criminal who targets high-ticket items, like money, jewelry, and expensive electronics.  But in reality, burglars come in all shapes and sizes.  It's hard to predict exactly what items they'll target during a home intrusion. Unfortunately, there are instances when burglars steal things that are more valuable than money -- like a family pet.

Tragically, that was the case when a residential garage in Cheriton, Virginia was burglarized.  Among the items taken was the family dog -- a border collie named "Doll".  The homeowner, 67 year old Lee Hunsicker, admitted to leaving his doors unlocked at night because he felt safe in his neighborhood.

No matter where you live, home security should be a priority.  Sadly, most people don't realize this until it's too late.  Investing in a great security system with motion detectors and door/window sensors for your home and garage is imperative.  It can help protect your material property from theft, while ensuring even more important things, like your pets and family, are kept safe.